Thursday, November 29, 2007

Extending "And who are you guys?" Section

The wikipage of FireScrum has a section called "And who are you guys?" that has a (very small) presentation of team behind FireScrum.
Some extra information to everyone:

At the begining we were:
This is the core team of FIRE software factory and the ones responsible for developing the application. But we aren't alone:
  • Izabella Lyra - Accepted to act like a client and share all her experience and knowledge of software management and agile development.
  • Paulo Pereira & Ana Sofia - Would like to participate as users and give ideas for features and the visual interface.
  • Cynthia Belleza - Usability engineer that is conducting a research with several SCRUM teams to define the design of the application.
  • Tim Porter - Revising my poor english.
If you want to help feel free to send us your thoughts.