Friday, November 30, 2007

First meeting with our client: 11/28/2007

Hello all,

Thursday was our first meeting with our client, Izabella. It was a very productive chat. Some topics:
  • Izabella suggestions:
    • Metrics proposal: Quantity of Business values acomplished.
    • The system must store all the history of the task and their information.
    • It's very important maintain rastreability, storing the relation between tasks (i.e.: This task was splited and created these two tasks).
    • Videoconference and Chat capabilities to support meetings.
    • Dynamic zoom, showing always all tasks on the screen.
    • Choose Product Backlog Items that must be showed in the screen.
  • Another considerations:
    • Izabella said that the information of the Sprint progress in the main screen(taskboard) is a good idea. She also pointed that the tendency curve is a very trick thing to do, because it's hard to estimate the ending date of the in-progress tasks. One way to do that is to consider that only a part of it will be done on time. Another way is getting the history of the team and verify how many task are finished by day.
    • One of te topics was agile testing, this will be evaluated if we can use it in our process.
    • A non-linear numeric sequence can be used to estimate the time-to-solve of the task.
Some of this ideas and others showed up in a brainstorm that we have last last week. This brainstorm was part of a product design process called xdm. I hope we can post the result soon.

Any comments or suggestion? just send us.